7 May

got through a video in fb of bullying.

(view here) ASAP

this sucks.

i cried.

and then there were links to blogs and profiles.

I went to the so called dai ka je’s blog.

(view here) asap

very pretty meh?Β  == do people till like that.

And there were like 1406 comments about her stupid post (the newest one [TMB]) and still activating!

I posted a comment.

and there is fan page also. for hating them.

(view here) asap

and I liked.

I guess not long soon maybe will appears on the newspaper? LOL used to right. Like the dog abuse case, and the countdown commit suicide guy. all came from fb and goes to the newspaper.





My friday

7 May

first. sorry for the lack of update. its been ages since I blog. I really am busy and lazy and blogger is out of used already. =( you’ll know if you see my first blog. ask me to invite!

Well friday. Went first station to celebrate Min Er’s birthday plus yumcha at teatime

handmade birthday card =)

pig yin



forget to take with Er wtf.

Kyven, pig yin, Celine, Zoe, Ecia, Er who went there. Eve and Vicky didn’t go T.T

ate nasi goreng kampung. actually taste kinda nice πŸ˜‰

watermelon juice

Celine’s nasi lemak


took off the papadom and found thheeesee mucchhhhh ikan bilis!!! wahahaha

outfit of the day

white singlet top from Ausi

Paperbag shorts from Closet

Belt from Jess

I have no dick.


White oxford shoes from Vincci Accesories

Vicky and Eve didn’t went so we walked to Mall.

then went to tennis.

dinner at Renaissance poolside

Brenda’s daughter Alexis Chloe (name also need so atas mehh)full moon party

pulled on a polka high waist and went off.

this was the mum and the baby with the little boy which is her son named Lucas Lexington (sipe atas right. lol)

barbie cake. ccuute (:

one byebye pic.

exams coming and I’m going to study. like seriously.

my little love

9 Apr

all were memories. all were pictures. all were ashes. all were gone.

the thing that means person to me. The person who means everything to me.

you’re always in my heart. boy. i love you.

I don’t care where you are right now, I don’t care who you are right now, I hope you’re alright. It doesn’t matter how hard life would be, try to be strong. If you’re around in the nights, I won’t be crying alone. If you’re around in the days, I won’t be doing things alone. If you’re torn, trust me one day I’ll find you back. If you’re gone, it doesn’t matter cause my heart will always have you. It was the day I found that you’re not on my bedside. You’re gone. Our memories had all fade. Everything has gone. I regreted not treating you as good as possible. I regretted not taking more pictures with you. Everything came too slow, and went too fast. Now you’re alone will you miss me? I loved you. so hardly i can’t barely see how much I don’t love you. Everytime I thinked of you I’ll just cry. You’re so big. will you take care of yourself? In the nights if you missed me, pick my dream. I would love to spend my night with you. Its okay to not wake up, just to be with you a little longer. you were my favourite. But you’re gone. I never imagine life without you, but now you’re gone my life sucks. If you ever wonder why the skies are blue, its because I’ve missed you. If you ever wonder why your heart beats, its because I’ve cried of you. It doesn’t matter how long. I’ll wait.

When true heart waits. True love appears.

I don’t care what they say. I’ll just do it. Because this is my life. And I want to live my life. Not your words. Not you.

you’re forever my baby boy.

Food Feasta

27 Mar

this is my blogpost for my trip to KL last week.

well Its been a really fun journey cause we had more time cox dad DON’T DRIVE. it takes like forever if we sat in the car waiting to reach soon. wtf.

I do loads of shopping and bought HEAVENLY MUCH OF THINGs! I love shopping. bwahahhahah. And I eat alot too. yes yes eating is so addicting! food is so pretty and you won’t wanna say NO right!!!!! haha. So this post mostly contains pictures of food make u jealous and hungy YEAHHHH!

a fluffy picture to start my post. i wanna live here T.T does it taste like water or like candy floss? πŸ˜€

we reached condo at 11 something so ate Min’s lasagna and potato gratin leftover. Damn yummy. Never knew she was a pro. Still remember last time I had to cook her maggie for her supper fml.

very hungry d T.T so we drove to Aman Suria for lunch! ^.^ our fav.

wei yip fish head soup noodles!!!

sung fish head noodles.

the noodles is very springy and the fish is fresh and crunchy while the soup is omgosh amazingly tasty. never to be compare anyone. this. the best i’ve ever had. LOVE.

Next we went to MidValley. Did not much shopping there cause there’s nothing to buy. Bought a few t shirts and singlets from FOS and cute stuffs from Isetan.

mango passion.

Had a drink at Starbucks alone.Β  Actually I was waiting for my sis but she never showed up (she phone ran out of battery) and I gave up waiting I walked to The Gardens already (we had dinner afterwards) and she said she was walking and finding me around there also. wtf..

Met my mum and sis and 2nd Uncle then we head on to The Han Room for dinner.

fine dining ;D


scallop soup and fried fish

crab and fish wrapped in spring roll with chicken floss on top

abalone, chicken and mushroom nutrient soup

this is expensive.. but what i do is wait and eat πŸ™‚

half-fried egg white with prawns on lettuce

add a little vinegar to perfection πŸ˜€

stir-fried seafood with vege in wok

a spoon of sea cucumber and mushrooms only cause I’m really really full.

egg tofu

oh no I can’t swallow a bit anymore. Eat again and I’ll vomit. whoops. but everything was really nice..

top: Bangkok

Jeans: Brands Outlet

flats: Lozenge

OK one camwhore =]

Second day woke up late and everyone was gone. Sisters went to work, parents went to see house, sis went to gym and i’m awake then. Ate a little and skype for awhile.

after dad and mum and sis are back, got ready and off we went to 1U

first. nom.

Dragon- I

sis went with her Japanese group frens so I ate wit my dad&mum.

bignuts for appetizer

chinese tea

la-mian with braised pork

fired rice

xiao long bao x2

deep-fried la mian with seafood

then. shopping πŸ˜€

top: Ausi

shorts: JV

gladiator sandals: Verns

padini concept store

next we head on to dinner at Taman Tun Razak with Sis (Min)

Its a german beer restaurant most people drink and eat pork knuckles there.

thin crust Pizza.


Pork knuckles FTW!

and you’re full. trust me. for 4 pax dinner.


third day we slept through till 11 30 and I was dreaming till the most exciting part and mum came in and shouted :”hey! wake up its 12 already!” i still closed my eyes and said in my heart “wtffff i’m dreaming and what time is it?!” open my eyes and see the clock its only 11 30. she loves to say time much faster than it is to make us do something or wake up. what the heck.

we met up A mei jie and ate vegetarian for lunch! πŸ˜€ cuz she’s vegetarian.

Moon Garden at Tai Pan

love the settings eh Lyn you should try here some day! πŸ˜€

me and a mei jie

her name is weird. she’s a mei and jie. hahaha. her name is yinching. everyone called her 阿 ε¦Ή. but we’re younger than her so we have to call her jie. so 阿妹姐 but pronouned as ameije la. yes we are weird!:＀

they were out of ice peach so i ordered ice mango juice.

Black pepper sauce spaghetti infront and mushroom sauce spaghetti behind

my nutritious tomato soup

french fries

curry noodles

my udon soup


carrot cake

then we went back. it was raining heavily and its getting very jam and we had to diy min’s shelft etc etc in her room so dad drove back to condo. yeryeryeryer.

nvm. onlined and helped dad with his stuffs.

picked sis (Min) up from Public Bank Headquarters (her company. yes she is working naoo) and then we went to Pavilion to have dinner with Sis (yin) and Jon.


afternoon I can’t have my ice peach so i ordered peach tea this time. but it turns out peach tea in teabags. geddit? but the peach taste is not so strong and totally covered up by the sugar taste if not its a little bitter.

complimentary bread (we had like 4 plates ><) hahaha

my lamb shank

Sis’s workcard. haha. SM LIM

SITI MINA LIM. omfg. hahahah.

desserts at MOF! MINISTER OF FOOD!

fruity bowl with red bean paste and ice cream

my mommy and daddy ^-^

my 3rd sis (pin) with her favourite GREEN TEA ice cream. i tell u she’s a green tea queen after coming back from Japan. lol

my red bean soup with rice balls

the read bean soup is actually cold! interesting (:

me and my eldest sis πŸ˜€

top: JV

shorts: Cotton On

Shoes: Nike

fourth day was Saturday. So its weekend. Rise and Shine!

love my fringe? Xp

my hair looks long .

top: Lozenge

shorts: Jess

apples. all snatching ONE changer wtf.

Sis came back from her bf’s place and get ready everything and bla bla bla.

we drove two cars to 1U . again.

Had a long queue at Sushi Zanmai

eat when you still can eat Japanese food. haha.

Ocha (green tea)

Min my second sis from left, mum and Yin my eldest sis.

From right my 3rd sis Pin me and Yin


I don’t remember the japanese names but this is unagi with rice

I also forgot this bbbbut this is tempura with rice

My cold soba with tempura

Salmon Sashimi my fav ^-^

Softshell carb and tuna california rolls. i’m obsess with softshell crab! πŸ˜€

Salmon sushi with avocado

ALL FULL. tho the food really comes kinda slow we were sooo hot.

next. shopping (:


all rushing back home we’re heading off to the airport already. sighs. i wan more shopping bags..

Had dinner at airport. We’re actually rushing time but I was very hungry. hahaha. Wanted to buy OREO DOUGHNUTSSSS but we saw MCD so went in to MCd and tapao. after that i still want doughnuts.. i love the smell. ngekkks.

caught fish! =D


felt safe. LOL.

i luv kb. idk why.

ok these are what i got!:


zzzzooom out

what a mess

bracelet for Vicky =)

headband and bracelet

and Tee for Evelyn

** EIFFEL TOWER** haha

finish! πŸ˜€

all these fooooood are making me


anyways, Chirpychips has new stocks! Be quick! =]


25 Mar

little twin star!!! childhood awww (:


my journal πŸ™‚

love my pb from Miss T and doughnut keychain from Isetan ^-^

two random pictures sorry .



5 Mar


It was my bestie EVELYN’s birthday. Party held at UP TO YOU dessert station at nite.

Country Club for tennis


writing birthday wishes for my girl..
behind my very own hand-made birthday card ^_^

i was damn boring, and there’s some paper resource and stationaries, so i made my #dailylovenotes for bf. hen xin fu right him? ahahaha. slapself.

random & I like it!<3


it was 5 20 we had our early dinner
fresh lime juice which matches with any food πŸ˜€ one of my fav.
chicken chop with mushroom sauce. I guess this is the best WF in club.
mushroom soup that is damn watery i don’t wanna drink anymore..


found this in the middle of the court. this is a bird’s nest. LOL. first thought- rolling dust πŸ˜€ hahaha. like those desset games. wahahh XD

changing clothes

actually was doing mushroom head. damn look like those jap magz’s mushroom head models. hahaha. but i dk why din took photo.

top: cotton on

shorts: bangkok

Vic& I
enuf of camwhore (actually there’s many more but i’m so lazy to upload, wordpress damn slow)


chocolate brownies mum baked for evelyn (;

too bad we didn’t get to eat them =( eve, bring to school!!!

we reached there about 7 30 so we waited until 8 30 for everyone to reach (8 30 was evelyn)


so we ordered first. My ribena
and Vic’s oreo milkshake
me =)

*DIAO* this is a damn doll. kay.
also celine & ecia who came
the only food i got to take . LOL. fries.

when we were about to sing birthday songs, things happened and the birthday girl ran away ran so fast away and cried. don’t wanna talk about the story sorry.

it was teribble.

but we managed to bring the cake to her and made her blow the candles and make whishes. and this was last photo of the day

paid for everything and also for her mum’s takeaway. money all gone. but its worth it. cake, card, party, AND I STILL OWE YOU A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. sorry the wonder day was ruined.

didn’t get to take pictures with my birthday girl. SAD TO THE MAX ;(

girl. everything will be alright okay? don’t think too much. we’ve got next year birthday, next next year, next next next year and every year we will celeberate together okay?

smile (: tho i kow its difficult for u right now.

hey ur sorry

6 Feb

i’m back to blogger



sorry for the inconvenience! but you know you love me ❀ ;

see ya! (: